Yaesu FT-2900R

Ham radio is a hobby enjoyed by people all over the world..

Ham radio finds is a site where you will find an assortment of things related to or pertaining to ham radio..

Ham radio which is also known as “amateur radio” is open to people of all ages, race, creed, etc..Hams  as they are known consist of people from all walks of life..

What do most ham radio operators have in common?

The majority of hams have one thing in common, they like to talk..You can make friends with hams from around your town or across the country & even across the globe..In many cases, hams in their own community at some point meet face to face, while at the same time you can become friends with someone in another part of the country or the world whom you will never meet in person, but over time you learn to  recognize their voice or in the case of CW also known as morse code, you recognize their call signs..

Every ham radio operator is assigned a “call sign” by the government of their country..

In order to become a ham radio operator you  have to take a written test to obtain a license..In the US United States, there are 3 different “classes” or levels of license, starting with “Technician“, then General, then Extra..All of the licenses allow different privileges with the Technician class having the least privileges & the Extra having all privileges..

Once you have obtained your ham radio license & depending on the “class” of your license, you will then start thinking about getting a ham radio & antenna..There are many different radios & antennas to choose from..In the days of yesteryear, most ham radio operators built their own equipment & antennas..In today’s times, most hams buy their ham gear already built..There are still some companies that provide  radios that are in “kit” form meaning you build the radio yourself..

Here is a video of a fella who built a “kit” ham radio known as a Elecraft K-3..


The majority of ham radio operators use their radios from home, while others operate strictly from the car & some do both..

Operating ham or amateur radio via “mobile” can be a lot of fun, especially when you have the opportunity to talk to someone in a different country or part of the world while you travel to work or on a long distance trip..Most, but not all, of the mobile ham radios these days have what is called a remote head meaning that you can either have the radio as one piece or you can remove the front face & hide the body of the radio elsewhere in the vehicle..

Here is a video showing  how a ham radio with the remote head was installed in a car..

There are as many different variations of how a ham radio can be installed in a vehicle as there are antennas..Depending on the “bands” or frequencies that you are using, the antennas can be fairly short or rather long..

Ham radio can be a lot of fun..

If you are not already an amateur radio operator, I would encourage you to get your radio license & come join us..73s



BaoFeng UV-5RE Dual Band Talkie

BaoFeng UV-5RE photo 41Wc3ly5W0L_zpsf9265828.jpg

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